28 July 2015

Paperback Edition now available

I'm excited to announce that the paperback edition of my book, Biblical Feminism, is now available!

I confess I was hesitant to develop a print edition - the environmentalist in me struggled with the notion of printing materials that might end up in a storeroom instead of being used. After constant queries about a print edition from across the demographic spectrum, I knew it was something I was being called to do.

I was thrilled to discover a company that does print to order and works in partnership with amazon.com (where I made the e-book available). With my concerns about wasted resources resolved I happily moved forward. Copies are just $7.99 each and can be ordered here. I'm pretty pleased with the final print product and I hope y'all are as well.

This has been a great project and I can't wait to see what God does next! 

23 July 2015

Live like it is so

I've been thinking about faith quite a bit lately - struggling with promises I know with great certainty God has spoken to me, even as the timeline doesn't match what I think it should be. A few years feels like an eternity...until I consider God's promise of a child to Abraham and Sarah. They waited DECADES to see it fulfilled. Three years is nothing when compared with that!

As I listened to a lecture on the Book of Hebrews yesterday, I was reminded of a definition of faith: "Live like it is so...because with God, it already is so." What a thought!If I am truly confident that I have been given a specific direction from God, I need to live in that reality.

What does that mean practically? Well, it might mean managing money differently, choosing hobbies differently, focusing on physical health differently, interacting with neighbors differently.

What I'm finding, even in the short time I've re-embraced this notion, is that I see the world differently. I see possibility where I once saw roadblocks. I see potential where I once saw detours.

I see hope.

Today, my friends, look for the positive in your day. See God in your conversations - show Christ to others - and live like the promises God has given you are your reality.

18 July 2015

Back to Business

I've had many thrills in life, but the past few months have been a whole new world. Words fail me when I attempt to express what its like to see my e-book sell - its like I have become precisely what God intended. I'm using the gifts and abilities He gave me to share Him and His Word with a larger audience.

I've lost track of the number of women that have thanked me for putting into words what they have long held in their hearts. Their response is proof that the time I spent pouring over these words, the prayers with which I bathed this project...it was time well spent. To God be the glory!

I'm humbled to receive positive feedback from pastors in my sphere of influence. I pray each day that God will continue to build relationships and promote change within His church. May we be the example of how He desires us to work together for the Kingdom.

I've heard from so many of you that wish to have a hard copy edition - and I'm pleased to say it will be available to purchase in just a few days. I'll share the purchase link and other details here when its ready.

It feels good to be back to the business of writing. God is doing so much in my life right now - the roller coaster of emotion is often overwhelming and I struggle to know where I should look next. I'm learning to trust God that my foot falls squarely on the next step and not overly focus on the long term.

Onward and Forward, my friends!

20 April 2015

Ups and Downs

As much as I strive to live a balanced life, there are some seasons when it feels like things are stacked against me. One day I'm confident about my life choices and revel in the freedom I have to do so many different things. The next day I feel overwhelmed by the options before me and long for someone to just tell me what I should do.

Ups and downs.

Highs and lows.

Strength and weakness.

Whatever term is chosen, the ultimate feeling is instability. It's an icky feeling and I dread identifying its presence in my spirit. It's an indicator that I have a choice to make that I've been putting off far too long. Life is full of choices, some easier than others, and in my desire to make a wise choice I often put off considering the "big" things.

It's relative, you know, what is "big" and what is "small". As I talk with my trusted counselors and friends I find that choices which seem monumental to me are simple and everyday to them. Strange, eh? Yet that simple realization eases the heaviness so profoundly. It's one of the benefits I find by sharing life with others. They help me see beyond my circumstances and experiences, broadening my view of God and his desire for me.

So here's to a day of looking up - at the sunrise, the geese flying overhead, the puffy clouds that look like cotton balls, to the freedom of choice we are so blessed with in this country, to the opportunity that lies just around the corner.

God, may I see your hand in each experience - up or down - each day. I long to live for you and recognize that each day holds its own challenges. I choose to lay down the burdens of the past and move forward in the shelter of your arms. 

08 April 2015

The Cry of My Heart

Hannah's story (1 Samuel 1, 2) is one I turn to when I feel like I'm slogging through mud. You know, like my feet are weighted, I seem to be making no progress, and things around me look exactly the same today as they did yesterday.

Hannah's married to a man who loves her dearly; she longs to give him a child but is unable to do so. She endures years of heartrending anguish as the second wife (yes, yes, it was another culture...don't lose sight of the story) teases and torments her mercilessly for her inability to be a "true" wife and bear children.

I know that feeling all too well. It's incredibly painful to have people look at your life and tease you about what you do not have. 

This is where Hannah's story become very real to me. Rather than lash out at her tormentor she turns to the Lord. She pours her heart out to God when she goes to worship in the temple. She separates from her family for a time and cries to Him so deeply that the priest thinks she is drunk. Her heart is broken and she opts to give that burden to her God rather than carry it alone.

There is so much to glean from this story - here are a few of my thoughts:

- I can choose to lash out at those who question my life...or I can turn my anguish to God.
- It is a blessing to have one person look at me with love as I endure a growth process. To have more than one is to be richly blessed.
- Time means something wildly different to mortals than to God.
- God hears the cry of a desperate heart.
- Willingness to give to God can lead to abundant blessing.

It is the cry of Hannah's heart that touches me. She is so in the moment with God that she is unaware of the priest's presence. She boldly corrects him when he accuses her of drunkenness. And - perhaps the most amazing bit - she left her sadness with him. Her burden was truly left at the feet of God...and a year later she had the son she long desired.

The cry of my heart? Well, its simple by contrast with this woman. I just want people that observe my life to see the hand of God. I want my story to be inexplicable by any other means that "God did that." There can be no hint of manipulating situations or circumstances - which makes for a fine balance as I seek to actively use my gifts without toying with outcomes. 

It also makes for many a heartrending experience as I get a sense of how I am to pray long before the full scenario reveals itself. 

At times like these I turn to Hannah's story and embrace the most simple of reminders: God does not put a burden on a heart and then withhold it. His timeline is outside my understanding. My heart cries to him as I wait for a single voice to say, "Go in peace: and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition that thou has asked of him."